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Horse Lovers Spring Fever Think Spring Think Spring Cleaning Think Spring Training

Since living in New York, whenever The Oscars are coming up on T.V., it signals for me that Spring is just around the corner.  While actors, producers and directors are receiving the kudos for their achievements, I am in the process of producing and directing my own artistic endeavor. My horses and my students. Thus, I enter Spring mode. Years ago the schedule for the movie industry's most iconic event was closer to April. While 'The Oscars" might have changed their schedule, in my head it's time to focus on the next season for our horses and students. As a P.S. here, please bring back my favorite comedian Ricky Gervais next time and don't gag him. Above is a photo of one of our Grand Prix horses here at Willowview Hill Farm , Tiberio Lafite aka Tigger, taken in Spring a few years back. Whenever I am in the winter doldrums I post this as my desktop picture, and am immediately cheered up. Spring is a time of renewal for everything in nature, so naturally,

How The Chronicle of The Horse Helped Me.

When I first arrived in the United States of America, I was in my twenties, and was an ardent writer with no outlet. My father arranged a very special interview for me when I was back in London in my late teens and headed to college. It was with a leading advertising firm on Fleet Street. The powerhouse street that used to engage all major journalists in Britain. Home to the most revered journalists of the day. The large conference room was daunting. Little me sat at the end of the shiny mahogany table as instructed by a friendly assistant. The lady did look quizzically at my green Paddington Bear duffel coat, Levi jeans and black clogs, (it was what I was wearing at short notice when dad called to say, head on over to Fleet Street NOW). The table was so long and the room so big that it took the tall, immaculately dressed 'Director' a few minutes to reach me. This gentleman guided me through studios of photo shoots of various food products that were ongoing. He indicated ho