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The Quest for Equestrian Sponsorship

I recently attended an FEI Clinic in Westchester, New York, along with about 35 others, where my coach Greta Kemmer was holding a 'Fix Your Ride' style dressage event that was very well received and lots of fun. Greta lives in Switzerland and grew up as part of a large equestrian family in Germany before she married. At the end of the clinic there was a wrap up party and it was great to hear the lively discussion that came up about the wide divide in sponsorship between Europe and the U.S.A. and how it could be improved on this side of the pond. While there are often much bigger purses to be won in Europe and dressage events are well attended by folks from all walks of life, in the U.S.A. the purses have been improving. The attendance sadly however, not so much. Take the events in the Wellington 'fish bowl this winter season. Robert Dover was remarking that the turn out in the stands was very disappointing and worried that sponsors would disappear as a result. A very real