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Clinician Woes

Paul and I are experienced dressage clinicians and it is always difficult to figure out just what is the right number of rides to make a clinic viable. In the past few years we have tried very hard to keep the fee schedule the same for our clinic hosts and our rate schedule has been based on a rather old fashioned method of price per ride with a minimum number of rides needed per day to make our trip and time worthwhile. We allow the host barn to add to our fees so they can make money too and often allow the barn to keep the auditor fees. I was chatting with a high profile Olympic dressage rider who was giving a clinic in our WVH Ride with an Olympian series recently and we were discussing the dilemma. You want to be approachable for riders of all ages and levels and want to keep your prices fair for the experience you have to share. It was pointed out to me that working on a per ride basis with minimums does not incentivize the hosting barn to promote or push the clinic experience