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How Many Riding Lessons A Week Do You Take?

As a trainer it is easy to say that you can never have enough instruction to advance your education. Too often I see folks training their horses diligently but heading completely down the wrong track. Naturally you want to step in and say something but of course that is not a good idea. Who wants advice they haven't asked for after all. Whether you are re-training an OTTB, starting a young horse in his career or showing a schoolmaster at FEI to garner a USDF medal, it is important that you have sincerely good help from a ground person. And it is quality of the lessons not the quantity that counts folks. Although to progress and stay on track I'd say a minimum of two lessons a week and training alone three or four times a week. I used to say that anyone can train as long as they have more knowledge than you do - but I don't believe that anymore. Unless you have made horses to Grand Prix, shown that level - how can you have the necessary vision to make adjustments in trai