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That Most Precious of Dressage Horses ~ The Schoolmaster

If you are lucky, ( because nothing bad happens to him first), there arrives a time in your trained horse's career when you realize that your wonderful horse is having difficulty following through on all your demands with the same pizzazz and confidence he displayed previously.  This time arrives seemingly with no warning, as his decline in abilities due to the arbitrary nature of aging creeps forward like a bad piaffe over months and years. This realization has arrived at my doorstep and I have opened the door and allowed it in. Ever conscious of doing 'that' right thing by our horse, Lafite, a decision needed to be made. The decision? Whether to now take all the many highs and lows which we have enjoyed together through his career that have facilitated his training from backing to Grand Prix and share their experience through him with others as their teacher. Their ' master '. After much heart searching and deliberation, my husband Paul & I determined