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Lameness, The Number One Way to Prevent It

I recently purchased the new DVD Lameness, It's Causes and Prevention and wanted to pass along some interesting facts that the highly respected Dr. Robert Miller presented. When you think of all the things that can cause lameness such dangerous environments with barbed wire fences and steep hills, infection, genetic issues and the myriad of others, you probably don't think first off, working the horse at too young an age. According to Dr. Miller if you took all the other possible causes of lameness in the horse and added them all together, they would not total those caused by starting a horse too young. A friend recently told me a story of a lovely eighteen month warmblood colt that was already under saddle and had been lightly ridden. This was by an experienced dressage rider who really should know better. The growth plates haven't even closed yet. Seriously. As I also know the breeder who produced the horse I feel bad as I know just how much thought, energy, and the

Double or Nothing, Working Your Dressage Horse in the Double Bridle

There are lots of tricks to the trade when it comes to fitting and riding in the double bridle. The latest one is to address the new rule concerning the crank noseband issue. Take a glance around the Wellington showgrounds this winter and you'll see a lot of riders employing the nifty Equifit curb chance cover. Made of T-Foam , it is the perfect 'sane' solution to the new rule requiring finger wiggle room in the noseband. While it was designed for the curb, it works effectively on any part of the bridle. My plans to head to Florida for a little sojourn myself this month were cast in disarray by my inadvertent cracking of a couple of ribs. Bruised maybe, cracked more likely. Like most horse riders I have been through this experience before. So, while they heal, I am not interested in a plane ride no matter how short so no return to the sunshine of Naples and West Palm for me. Instead, like many of you, I have been enjoying an 'English/American' winter. Relatively