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Clinic Tours in Reverse

At Borba's, Lisbon.. It used to be that dressage competitors like my hubbie Paul and myself, spent many dollars traversing the pond to visit Europe to elevate our dressage knowledge by working with big name trainers and to buy big moving horses to bring home. Trips to the Iberian Peninsula are common for us...and we love them! Everything now is seemingly in reverse. European riders are commonly seen here in the U.S.A. taking lessons with our team riders and buying our horses. Meantime we are conducting clinics abroad as well as here at home. In the past few years Paul and I have been pleased to give clinics in Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland and Switzerland. Our sometimes twice or three times a year sojourns over the Atlantic in addition to our U.S. schedule, keep us very busy indeed, and we never know quite what to expect on our arrival in foreign climes. Repeat bookings are always appreciated by any clinician, as it tells us we have done a good job an

And Then There Was 1

It's never easy to go with your gut and turn down someone that is interested in buying your horse. But know when you have found the right fit for your horse you will know it immediately and so will the buyer. Midi and her new owners! As many of you know hubbie and I are retiring from horse breeding, or more correctly, we have retired. Clinics and working our private yard of horses will be our focus for the future, that and our organic hay business where we home produce all the hay we sell. After an off/on again marketing of our broodmare band we are thrilled to announce we have sold Gambol's Middernacht WVH, aka Midi - and even better we once again have sold one of our horses to folks that we know well as both students and as friends. It truly doesn't get any better than that! Patience has paid off. Following the visits from prospective buyers on Midi during the marketing period, I turned away two parties that were interested in buying Midi as we didn&#