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The Importance of Following Etiquette as a Dressage Clinician

I originally posted this on facebook as the Willowview Hill Farm Tip of the Week - but felt it was worth re-broadcasting here. I feel strongly ( can't you tell), that some clinicians give the rest of us a bad name and urge all trainers to examine carefully the folks they trust to come to their barns to offer clinician services. As any trainer knows, we all need good eyes on the ground to keep us progressing and on track. Bringing in a clinician can bring you new students/boarders, give you a fresh look and new approach in solving training issues and also give you guidance in your own career. If you are a trainer and have developed your talents to the level of clinician, then it is important that you follow clear etiquette when walking in to another trainers horse operation:- 1. It is NOT OK to start back soliciting their clients that are presently boarding/training with them. It is not OK to contact their clients directly without copying in the barn trainer/owner on each