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Riding Dressage Tests On Grass ~ Good Idea or One To Be Avoided?

Back in the early '80's when hubbie and I competed in the NE USA, the use of grass rings for anything but the FEI classes was common. The rings were quickly set up on any available flat spot and it was up to the competitor to negotiate any issues that such footing provided. This was true back then of recognized events, that thankfully are now more carefully monitored when it comes to the footing in the arenas including the warm up. At Willowview Hill Farm we often school outside on grass One particular event that did not go so well on a grass footed ring comes to mind, a show at King Oak in Springfield, MA.   Our entourage that attended included our twins under two years old, our five year old son, plus the show horse and ourselves. We arrived late at the event in pouring rain delayed by traffic on I84 in Hartford. We had minutes to unload our horse and tack up, hit the office for our number and ring info. The assigned ring was down a relatively steep incline. The