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I'm incensed ~ How far we've come in the sport of dressage. NOT.

I just finished watching one of the Dutch dressage team members show her first Grand Prix test with her latest horse. I won't name names. Well O.K. I will. It does as usual, begin with an A. That covers a few riders I know. I am incensed. How can the F.E.I. and those that dictate the ethics of the sport of dressage not only sanction this sort of dressage work, but continue to reward it. The marks given for this particular abysmal performance actually stated 'good'. The beautiful horse, who clearly has talent and a great heart showed almost no diagonal trot work, his piaffe/passage work was awful and there was no walk. AT ALL. This rollkur training damages all the joints of the horse including the jawbone, and the use of alcohol to numb swishing tails and any sign of bad behavior masked by God knows what concoctions that somehow pass scrutiny is mind-blowing. Alois Podhasky and Dr. Reiner Klimke and the like will be turning in their graves. How can this type of tr