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Cantering Into 2021 at Willowview Hill Farm

 A Covid vaccine is just the jab needed to get the job of horse clinics and horse training back to person to person. Hopefully the vaccine roll out will speed up in time for Spring.


Ever the optimists, the team here at Willowview Hill Farm has made the decision to re-open for hay sales April 1st, along with some new horse training events from May 28th.

These announcements were apparently eagerly anticipated by our clientele as video submissions for entering clinics were rapidly received and slots for riding opportunities quickly filled. Our weekend options for clinic giving in 2021 are almost full! If you are able to work on weekday dates we may be able to accommodate Spring and Summer 2 day clinics. Please ask. We are also hoping to attend shows in our coaching capacity as things get under way, and we thank our regular students for their patience over the last 12 months!


Here are details of our WVH Summer Series on Facebook ( please note 2/3 will be held off-site as noted):

As many of you know our specialty in more recent years has leaned heavily toward the nuances of classical training the Iberian breeds of Lusitano and Andalusians. That does not mean all horse breeds are not invited. As always we welcome riders and horses of all shapes, sizes, ages and levels of training. It is just our way of indicating that our skill set has a particular focus these days on the differences as well as similarities that the Iberian horses require compared to the more common warmblood breeds for dressage performance.


Our long time Swiss FEI coach and staunch friend Great Kemmer, hopes to be able to join us mid to late summer depending on travel restrictions from the EU to and from the USA. We can't wait!

Our rising 4 year old Lusitano lad, Extravaganza WVH, will begin his saddle training this Spring. Additionally we are fully booked for our dressage training slots with some rather lovely Andalusian lads joining us.


Also on offer once dates have been determined will be our 'intensive retreat' program. Clients can camp on site and hook up to our water/30 amp electric/sewer hook up facilities for trailers/campers/RV on site if they wish. Or put up at the splendid The Roxbury or Bull and Garland nearby, if they wish to hotel closer to the farm. Stabling on site will be provided.

For couples where spousal interests may not be horse centric our local Stamford Golf Course is open to the public, and there are a myriad of other opportunities for sports and other adventures nearby including activities on the water, zip lining, mountain biking etc. There is a reason the Catskills has been known for many decades as the 'playground of New Yorkers" and that is never more true than today. Please ask us for suggestions.

The intensive retreat programs will cover either 2/3/4 day sessions. While dressage is the focus, folks with horses that ride and drive are also welcome. Lots of opportunities to get out on the trails here, please see below.

Included will be:

  •  morning 1 on 1 lessons for horse and rider indoors
  •  audit sessions for in house schooling going on at WVH
  •  afternoon outdoor training sessions in the fields 
  •  opportunity to trail ride on the 26-mile Catskill recreational trail
  •  3 meals/day including evening dining events outside 
  •  videography and photography of sessions included with daily reviews  together with Paul and/or Nikki

There is also a menu of other offerings that participants can choose from:

  • class notes and advice on how to build the best horse training biz
  • photography/videography and horse sales classes
  • paint and sip evenings for those interested in art
  • review sessions of test rides with ideas for improvement
  • WVH book club - a selection of important reading at hand
  • out and about - pre-show training with follow up coaching at local showgrounds such as HITS, Saugerties etc.


On the hay side we expect to have some lovely 1st cut small squares available for sale. This will help tide people through until the 2021 cut which usually starts late May, early June in the mountains here. Depending as usual on Mother Nature's whims and fancies.

Spring hay prices will be $6.25/bale with a minimum 20 bale order. We are taking bookings for pick up slots beginning March 25th. No, we don't offer delivery.

To be kept appraised of the clinic and hay calendar and other news from WVH please email us at and request to be added to our email list. Please include your full name, address, cellphone contact number and email address.

While we try to keep news on our Facebook page, it is not always possible so being 'in the loop' is the best way to get news as soon as it is released.

Also coming soon is the launch of our brand new website. So stay tuned for that!


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